Should You Hire A Landscaper Or Tree Trimmer For Your Trees?

If you have a garden, one of the most important activities is trimming. Trimming trees is not an easy task and is also tasking; hence, most people hire someone to do the trimming for them. Trimming is the best way to maintain a garden and makes it nice and beautiful to the eyes.

A landscaper and a tree trimmer are two different people; however, they both specialize in gardening. Trying to trim your trees yourself can cause more harm than good to the tree. There is a high possibility that you will over-trim your trees if you try trimming them yourself; doing this can result in a topped tree that will affect its growth. 

Who Is A Landscaper And A Tree Trimmer?

A landscaper is responsible for providing pleasant outdoor areas; they also cater to indoor gardens and public plants. The duties of a landscaper are to weed and mulch landscape beds, plant shrubs, trees, and flowers, mow, edge, and fertilize lawns, remove unwanted, damaged, or dead trees, water lawns, gardens, and landscapes, trim small hedges, trees, and shrubs, and monitor plant health.

A tree trimmer is also known as an arborist; they are responsible for managing plants and trees. The duties of a tree trimmer are to cut away dead branches from trees and shrubs, remove excess branches from trees, improve the appearance of plants and trees, monitor and improve the health of trees and plants, diagnose and treat tree diseases, prune, trim, and shape ornamental trees. 

When To Call A Tree Trimmer?

When it comes to trees, trimming them is not the only process involved in their maintenance and care. There are also other things to watch out for in trees. The best person to call concerning tree maintenance is a tree trimmer. A tree trimmer will do a better job at taking care of your trees than a landscaper will do. 

You should call a tree trimmer when you need to remove one or more trees from your garden. A tree trimmer is more skilled and has the necessary equipment to remove trees. It takes precision and accuracy to cut down a tree. A tree trimmer can control the direction the tree falls, so no one is harmed, nor is any property damaged.

You should also call a tree trimmer when you have a large tree that needs to be pruned. Tree pruning is the process of removing diseased and dangerous branches from a tree.

When To Call A Landscaper?

You can call a landscaper when you need to care for your flower beds, lawns, decorative trees, and irrigation system. The services offered by landscapers are less tedious and tasking than the ones provided by trimmers.

A landscaper will mow and apply fertilizer to the grass, add mulch to the soil, shape the small trees, and weed the garden. Landscapers also help you plan out the layout and design of your yard. If you want to develop a garden, you should call a landscaper to help you decide on the best layout.


The services offered by a landscaper and a tree trimming crew are very different, and you should not make the error of calling a landscaper to do the job of a tree trimmer and vice versa.

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